Art Salon Society joins with MOAZA in its dedication
to showcasing the work of talented Arizona artist.

Jerre Lynn Vanier, Director, Art Salon Society

Art Salon Society renews the tradition of
intimate gatherings inspired by art and culture.

We take a creative and modern approach, bringing together artists, art patrons and advocates in intimate gatherings.
Art Salon Society celebrates works of art, music and conversation to demystify art, providing beautiful receptions, offering stimulating and educational programs and a visual art feast. We believe that art moves the human spirit in ways we cannot fully comprehend.

Art Salon Society offers stimulating programs to engage all generations. These gatherings fulfill a need for social interaction in this fast-paced technology-driven world.

Art Salon Society offers art salons in cooperation with the Museum of Arizona Artists.

Jun 30, 2018

Reminiscent of art salons of the past – those immortalized by Gertrude Stein of Baltimore; Mabel Dodge Luhan of Taos; and Jesse Benton Evans, pioneer of Scottsdale art salons, the Art Salon Society seeks to bring the age-old tradition of intimate gatherings to modern day.

Art Salons

Happiness Color and Light

Showing by Charissa Smith

Art Salons
Art Salons

Rocks and Roses

The Art of Merrill and Jeanne Mahaffey

Art Salons
Art Salons

Beth Ames Swartz

Art Salons

Myth and Magic Realism

Jo-Ann Lowney and Joel Coplin

Art Salons
Art Salons

Investigating the Roots and Meaning of Art

Anne & Katherine Coe

Art Salons

Adelle Seronde

Artist, Author, Poet, Humanitarian

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