Charmagne Vasquez


Artist’s Statement

Charmagne Vasquez is an artist of contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture and poetry. Currently, her works are interested in examining humankind’s current positions within earth’s biological symbiosis, including examining the biomes around her. She contemplates impacts of religious colonization, current states of global environmental crisis, political tides, and social evolution. Deepening reverence of nature, of which we are a part, is a very major theme. Viewers experience landscapes and menageries that are both panoramic and micro, intimate close-ups. Her paintings are spontaneously made in traditional and non-traditional found media. In one painting, mesquite pods are decomposing, burnt and gnarled against the softer grain of cotton cloth; she shows the melding wilds of nature with elements from our daily lives. She imparts ideas of a transcendent hivemind that may encompass time, energy, planets, and us, the human species. Charmagne intensely, frenetically builds up each layer. She is watchful to respond to flora/fauna characters that emerge, “welcoming them forth” as part of unique narratives. Every work is one-of-a-kind, be it a painting about her life and times on Vashon Island, or a free verse poem that reflects on a childhood experience where she discovered the bleached remains of a crawdad. Her process extends in several directions, organically shifting, deepening, reaching back, merging and cross-pollinating – in instinctual actions of beauty and survival.