MOAZA Presents Through the Eyes of the Beholders: Three Families collect Arizona Art

An Exhibition, a Reception, and a Collector’s Forum
January 8 through March 6, 2024

Phoenix, AZ (November 15, 2023) In celebration of 112 years of Arizona statehood, The Museum of Arizona Artists (MOAZA) announces the unveiling of a magnificent collection exhibition, Through the Eyes of the Beholders: Three Families  Collect Arizona Art. Artwork on display is from collections amassed over a lifetime and  generously loaned from three Arizona families from generation to generation. These are Eric and Eva Jungermann, Phoenix; Jerry Barber and Betty Barber-Hughes and their daughter, Jerre Lynn Vanier of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale; and Jeri Smith-Fornara of Prescott. The exhibition will be premiering on January 8th and running through March 6th at the Arizona Capitol Museum.

This exhibition, which is free and open to the public, aims to explore the diverse
perspectives of those who engage with art, including the general public, art collectors, curators, and most importantly, the artists themselves. The exhibition communicates between the viewers and the artwork’s place and memory, emotions, fantasy and imagination, and intellectual ideas….more


1 thought on “MOAZA Presents Through the Eyes of the Beholders: Three Families collect Arizona Art”

  1. Larry WILLIS says:

    Fred & Sheron Shomer of Scottsdale collect art and have works by Arizona artists. They would have been a good addition to the exhibition. Some of there works were included in an exhibition at the Mesa Arts center.

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